In my experience it is very rare to meet a truly great advisor, I have been through many that I thought had my best interest at heart, but only when I was introduced to Todd Tippin did I realize that there could be no other that could match his level of expertise, dedication, and drive. My business was struggling years ago, and without Todd, I guarantee I would have shut my doors down. Todd is a rarity- he is selfless and GENUINELY cares about your success. I constantly apply his advice in my daily activities- he has helped me build solid character and makes me accountable for myself- a true gift not many recognize. I couldn’t even begin to list all the ways Todd has devoted his time into me and my business, but what I can say is this: if you are lucky enough work with Todd, your future is guaranteed to be bright, organized, and extremely successful. Do not miss your opportunity for success.  Work with Todd. Then, get in line with the rest of us who are endlessly grateful and baffled at how we could ever repay him.

Michelle Branch

ONI Media

Adding the right experts to your Company’s team is important and I consider Todd to be the most important business expert I know.  Expert knowledge accelerates growth and is a shortcut for achieving efficiency.
Todd and I began working together in March of 2020 when the pandemic had begun.  At that time, my business, which operates in the event industry, was hemorrhaging money and all of our contracts were being cancelled.  By the grace of God, I was connected with Todd Tippin who helped me expertly navigate transforming my company into survival mode.  He helped me secure approximately $2M in government funding through PPP and EIDL loans (the former of which he helped me with the forgiveness), develop goals and plan achieving them, recalibrate my books to take advantage of tax savings and enhanced managerial reporting, sign up for access to government contracts, advise me on important improvements for my employee handbook, set up a simple IRA and later a 401k program, streamline payroll while staying in compliance with all the states we operate in, negotiate with insurance and help to find a national workers compensation plan for my company, interview and hire key employees to build out new facets and departments of my business, set up estate documents for succession, review and advise on important agreements with clients and vendors, identify, fund and purchase commercial real estate for my business and mentor me on business development and wealth creation.
Whether you are looking to solve problems, grow your business, or streamline systems processes, Todd can help with this and much more.
Russell Phillips